We’ve been spending quite a bit of time playing in Gabe’s room, which we haven’t done in a very long time! I got down to business a couple weeks ago and did a serious decluttering of his room, and turned it into a very “safe” play area for him. See, the majority of our house is an open floorplan, which makes setting up a place for Gabe to play that has boundaries a bit challenging. When he gets the urge to “roam” and I need to let him go on autopilot, rather than hovering over to stop every time he gets somewhere that’s a no-no, he gets to play in his room.


Daddy joined us upstairs on Sunday, so he got to see first hand how Gabe makes his way around the room.


One of Gabe’s favorite things is to pull out his drawer of discarded pacifiers (baby shower gifts that didn’t end up being his preferred style) and test them out.


One paci in each hand!


He’s taken on the habit of running over to us and stealing hugs while he’s playing, which is heart-warming, and doesn’t ever need to stop as far as we’re concerned!


Cutie Pie!


It’s been too long! Gabe learned a new trick today, as you can see up above. What a quick learner.

Since we last checked in, Gabe has cut two more teeth–one on bottom and another on top, and aside from some mild crankiness, you wouldn’t even have known it. I know people give me crazy looks when they ask about Gabe’s amber necklace, but every time he cuts another tooth, I can’t help but wonder if it’s what’s helping us through it. It certainly can’t hurt.

I’d started signing with Gabe a couple months ago, and he’s started to pick up on it and sign back to me. So far, he clearly signs to nurse, and he will sign for “more” and “all done” at mealtime. Unfortunately, his motions on those two aren’t terribly precise, and are actually pretty much indistinguishable. I’m hoping that with time and practice, we’ll be able to work it out. In the meantime, I’m just excited that we’re communicating with each other, and I’m beginning to be able to meet his needs and wants without guesswork or frustration. I’ve just introduced the sign for “water,” so we’ll see how well he picks up and demonstrates that one!


David came over for a visit the other day. He’s just started walking, so we now have two walking little boys! Which means that my job as photog has gotten a lot harder these days.


Witness how they walked around the living room shaking around their prized possessions–for Gabe, David’s sweater. For David, Gabe’s sock. I’m not kidding.


David would not let go of it. Not for anything.



Look at this face! (And note tooth #5 popping through on bottom!)


“All of this is mine!”


“Wait, what?”

And yes, that is a copy of Twilight on my shelf. Don’t judge.