From the monthly archives: July 2012

We have a stander! …Sort of.


We may not be making any progress on the crawling or pulling up to sitting part, but Gabe can hold himself steady (holding onto something, of course) standing on his own for a good 10-15 seconds before getting tired and sitting down. It not much, but it’s definitely a start! I remember back to when he first started sitting up unsupported, and could only manage to do so for a few seconds at a time. And now he can stay in a sitting position for minutes if he so chooses–he just doesn’t always choose!

We went baby-led weaning style for dinner tonight, and I offered Gabe a few pieces of steamed broccoli to nom on. Unfortunately, he wasn’t particularly interested in eating them, and when he did get a taste of it in his mouth, he made a face, pulled it back out, and slapped it repeatedly with his open palm. “Bad milk! Why are you broccoli!”…was the joke Michael made. Several times. So a bit of a failure, but hey, we’ve gotta try! It certainly is easier to let him try to feed himself than to spoon-feed him purees.

We’ll go back to prunes tomorrow, since we still haven’t seen a BM yet, and perhaps try a peach combination after that. I’ve read that foods that start with “P” are good for moving along the digestive system. So far pears and prunes haven’t done much good for us, but there’s always hoping! The good news is that he isn’t really showing any signs of discomfort, and breastfed babies can go quite a few days between BMs. I just still feel a lot better when I know that he’s emptied the tract! We’ll see what happens after his meals tomorrow. Think good thoughts.

And think good sleep thoughts for us too. Though his naps are great as usual, his nighttime sleep has backslid a bit. Mama is not happy. We need some rest. Let’s hope we get it tonight.


I’ve been reflecting today on what a great sleeper Gabe’s been lately.

Ha, ha, ha.

No, seriously though. He slept a solid 7.5 hour stretch last night, going down at 9:30pm, and waking to nurse at 5am. I was, among other things, shocked and elated. And rested.

And for how much trouble Gabe’s been giving me lately, apart from last night, with his nighttime sleep, he is a fantastic napper. I put him down for his nap, and most of the time? He doesn’t make a peep. He might coo or babble for a minute, but then he falls right asleep, and sleeps for an average of one and a half to two hours. I attribute our success mostly to following the 2-3-4 routine, which has made me so much more confident about the rhythm of his schedule.

Will it last? Only time will tell. I’d love to have another stretch of sleep as long as last night’s–or even longer, if possible. While I know that seven months without sleeping through the night isn’t that bad in the grand scheme of things, when I hear about babies like David that have been sleeping through the night for months now, I can’t help but get a little bit jealous.

That’s one of the things that I’ve really learned recently about this whole mommyhood business–my competitive streak is awful when it comes to this stuff. While I know intellectually that all babies are individuals (of course), and develop different attributes and skills at different times, I can’t help but follow along with kids around Gabe’s age and get frustrated if we aren’t there yet, or proud if he’s ahead of the pack. It’s so easy to say to put the milestone competition out of your mind, but it’s another thing entirely to put that in practice!

So, while Gabe may not be crawling, and we’re going slower than some in his solid foods intake, we’re still doing great, and he’s hitting plenty of milestones and learning plenty of tricks to make a mama more than proud.


I can hardly believe we’re almost to August! It seems like it’ll be December before we know it, and by then Gabe will be nearing a year old, walking, maybe even speaking a bit. He’s changing so much all the time that it’s sometimes hard to keep track of when he’s stopped certain habits, or acquired others. For instance, grabbing his paci and getting it into his mouth used to be an ordeal, and if he got it in correctly it was more of a fluke than anything–these days, while he does maneuver it in all kinds of ways, but he can definitely get it right when he wants to.

He’s also learned how to help pull his arms through the arm holes of his onesies and t-shirts. We’ll pull the shirt down over his arms, and he’ll work them through on his own. It still takes a little bit of our help to make sure he doesn’t pull his arms up into the collar, but it’s a fun exercise, to let him get more involved with getting dressed! He tries to get involved in his diaper changes too, but he gets in the way with that one more than anything.

He had a jar of pears and raspberries yesterday, and about half a jar of prunes and oatmeal today, which I hope will help his digestion along. We’ve been on a pattern lately of him getting backed up over the course of a week and having some epic messes to round it off. I’ve been trying to balance the foods he’s been eating to make sure nothing backs him up too badly, but it doesn’t seem that my efforts are paying off. That’s something else that changes once you become a parent–all of a sudden, you’re very invested in what goes on in your child’s diapers! Let’s think “BM” folks!

And on that note (glad it’s not dinnertime when I’m posting this, eh?), I’m going to finish up winding down for the night. Let’s hope Gabe lets me get some rest! Until tomorrow.