From the monthly archives: August 2012

I moved Gabe’s puzzle mat downstairs today, since he gets most of his floor time down there now, and not in his room.


It didn’t take long for this to happen.


And then this followed shortly thereafter.

So needless to say, the puzzle mat’s been put away for a little while.


Now that Gabe sits up on his own very well, it’s easier to take his photo myself.


And this kid sure does pose well when he wants to! (Please note that I should have cropped this photo, but I exported it before doing so, and…well, you know.)


…and then he’s done.

On your mark…


Get set…




See? I promised I’d make it up to you.



It’s hard to remember that he was once this tiny (and slept all the time). Thank goodness for photography.

(I’m far too mentally exhausted to write anything else. Gabe decided to wail uncontrollably tonight instead of going to bed nicely. I’ll make it up to you tomorrow. Goodnight.)


Gabe took two fantastically long naps today, on time and without complaint. Put that on top of two wakeups last night instead of the usual three-plus, and I was a fairly happy mama! Not happy mama times? I got my first “bite” you-know-where. I already know the steps to take to discourage it (pull baby off and stop feeding), but unfortunately they wouldn’t have worked this time, because Gabe was definitely done with eating anyway. So…hopefully he doesn’t make a habit out of it!

We took care of the grocery shopping today, which included the usual flirting with and charming everyone who came our way (on his part), and the usual looks and comments from others about the sling. I don’t mind, since it makes both of us comfortable, it makes shopping easy for me, and I’m almost certain that sitting Gabe in the shopping cart would not work at all at this stage. He is always twisting around and refuses to stay still and happy for very long. At least when he’s in the sling, I can have a good handle on him while I take care of business!

After we got home and put away the groceries, I pulled out the camera to take some glamor shots of Gabe. You gotta get ‘em when you can–


–even when the baby’s just wearing a diaper!


“Mama, seriously?”


“Now that’s better, you don’t have to show the whole world my booty!”


“Ooohh, what’s over there?”

…and that’s pretty much how our photo opps go these days!

We rounded off the day with a late dinner with Grandma and Grandpa, which worked out fine today because Gabe’s naps were so long that he wouldn’t have been ready for bed at his usual bedtime. He was definitely ready when we got home, though! Sweet boy is sound asleep in his room after a full day of fun and excitement. Let’s hope for a restful night!