Check out our little Yoda!


He did so well at his first trick-or-treating adventure! Despite it being quite a bit chilly outside (we had him bundled up as best we could, and luckily his costume helped matters), he lasted quite a long while before he started fussing and wanted to go home. He enjoyed watching the cars drive up (apparently parents escort their kids from the comfort of their own vehicles these days?), and seeing the other kids dressed up. He didn’t even show any signs of fear at the scarier costumes!

The sweetest part of the night? A little girl walked by us and went “Baby! Baby pat!,” and I could just see that all she wanted to do was touch him. Michael leaned him down, and she just gave him the gentlest touch on his ankle and lit up. Her mom apologetically explained that she loves babies…fine with us! So cute.


The fit of the costume was a little bit difficult–the reviews all agreed that the headpiece on the infant size was too small, so we went with the toddler size…and of course the robe swallowed him whole. Whatever works!


And as usual he loved getting up on Michael’s shoulders! We roamed the streets for quite a while this way.

Next year he will be a full-blown toddler, running around himself, maybe even getting to keep a little bit of candy. What a difference that will be!


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