It was election day around here for us!

Yes, I realize that Election Day is technically next Tuesday–but I since assume/anticipate that the polls will be busier on the proper day, I decided that it would be a good idea to do early voting.

This year’s election is pretty special for me and for Gabe–it’s the first election for the both of us. The first election in which I’m able to vote as a US citizen, and of course, his first election to accompany me. Although he couldn’t understand what was going on, I thought it would be special to bring him to the polls with me.

From the time we got in line to when we walked back to our car, the whole process took about forty minutes–not bad! I wore him in the ring sling the entire time, and for the most part, he was happy and content. He had lots of people to look at, which definitely helped occupy him and keep him from getting too bored. He also had plenty of folks ahead and behind us trying to get his attention, trying to get him to clap for them, and talking to him. At one point, he reached over to touch the jacket of the person ahead of us (must have been an attractive color–burgundy with white stripes), and I gently told him, “Gabe, you don’t touch people you don’t know. They don’t like it.” The woman in the burgundy jacket turned around and said, “Oh, I don’t mind his little touches, it’s other people though!”

I have to say that though I was happy and eager to vote, I’m glad the process is overwith for me, so I have it behind me and can move forward–especially away from the anxiety of how long it would possibly take. Early voting is the way to go!

Happy voting!


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