Gabe and I went to Costco the other day for the best-priced (and tasting) rotisserie chicken in town (and a couple other miscellaneous things).


I decided to keep the box we brought home rather than putting it in the recycling right away. It seemed like a good idea.


The funny thing? Gabe doesn’t appear to be too good at climbing out of the thing.


But he sure looks cute when he’s in it!

Meanwhile, I’ve been busy running around town with this guy–we took advantage of a unseasonably warm day last week and hit up a babywearing meeting a local park, stopped by Toddler Time on Thursday, and most exciting of all, stopped in for a visit at Uncle Alan’s practice.

When we stopped Gabe’s casts last year, Uncle Alan had said that he’d want to see Gabe again once he started walking.

Admittedly, it’s been a few weeks since he started walking. I told myself that I was waiting for Gabe to gain some stability, balance…that yes, he was walking, but he wasn’t walking enough to warrant the appointment. To be perfectly honest, I think a small part of me was putting it off…because I couldn’t bear the thought of getting bad news. The first few months of Gabe’s life were so hard…for all the usual reasons that come along with newbornhood and infanthood, but those reasons were magnified by the heavy and cumbersome shoes and casts on his feet. Shoes and casts that were helping him, yes. But those same tools made me miserable, made my and Michael’s jobs harder, and quite often, were physically painful on my end (have you ever been kicked in the chin by a baby in a cast?).

Anyhow, I finally sucked it up and made the appointment, and we weren’t settled into the waiting room for two minutes before Gabe had several visitors–members of office’s staff who’d known him since he was a teeny little baby–come by to visit with the little man. It was cute to see him walking around the rows of chairs, amusing himself while his audience fawned over his good looks, how much he’s grown, etc.

Oh, and the verdict? His feet are great. We need to check back in a year. Phew!


“No big deal, Mom!”


Gabe and David were supposed to have a playdate at the Aquarium today. But I injured my foot recently, and though I’m off crutches now, I definitely pay for it if I overdo it and do too much walking. So David and Auntie Yana came over to see us instead!


And this is what happened as soon as I pulled out my camera. Taking pictures…it just isn’t as easy as it was when he had no idea what this big black thing was.


This guy is less interested, which is nice! He’s more focused on sucking on his two fingers, and watching his cousin toddle around.


David also fell in love with the toy remote Gabe got in his stocking from Santa this year. I think he’s going to find a new one at his house soon.


I mean, come on. Look at this face. I don’t think his mama can deny him.


Thank heaven for little boys that sit still…if only for a few seconds at a time.


We have not disappeared!


In fact, we have been busy–this guy doesn’t stop moving for one minute, when he’s free to roam (he hangs out contentedly in his pack & play occasionally, which lets me take care of things without worrying about dropping everything to chase him at the same time). He’s continuing to get better and better at walking, though Michael and I are still leery of letting him try out his skills outside the home–say, on sidewalks.

Michael and I were at Chili’s with Gabe yesterday for lunch, and since we had to wait a little bit for a table, Michael took Gabe outside for a little bit of playtime. They walked along the sidewalk together, holding hands, which made Gabe feel quite confident in his walking skills–he moved around much faster than normal. When we walked back toward the door, a gentleman stepped out with his party, took a look at Gabe, gave him two thumbs up, and exclaimed, “Lookin’ good!” :) . At lunch, we were seated next to a table with a little girl that looked to be about Gabe’s age, and the two couldn’t keep their eyes off each other. Seems little ones don’t quite get the concept of “playing hard to get”!

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