My goodness, what a blast today was! This summer has been a bit lacking in summer fun so far, but I think today made up for it. After the first few weeks into wedding photography season, we took a nice break this morning from my morning routine of housework and editing.

I almost didn’t bring my camera with us, because I knew that holding Benji, and a cup of coffee, and the diaper bag, and soggy wet bubble covered children might be a bad idea with a camera in hand. But the colorful images were worth it(they always are).

There are often moments where I think about leaving my camera at home, simply because I want to be present in the moment, instead of looking through a lens. But today I felt I was able to do both 🙂 Thank you Kokomo Howard County Public Library for putting on such a fun event! Our boys enjoyed themselves and it was a great way to start off our own bit of summer fun.

For Photographers:

Most of these images were shot on my Canon 5D Mark III with a Sigma 35mm ART. My settings varied but I mostly stayed at 1.4 for the fun farther away shots of Oliver. Edited in Lightroom with personal presets.


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